Welcome to the University of Manchester Science Fiction and Fantasy Society website!
More informally known as "Warped", we meet every Monday for film screenings, quizzes, various other special events, or just in a pub to discuss science-fiction and fantasy, drink a few and sometimes play some card/board games.
We're a friendly bunch, so follow us on Facebook or Twitter and come along to meet us!

Our official aims:
- To bring SciFi and fantasy fans together in a friendly and welcoming environment.
- To promote cult and overlooked films, TV shows, books etc to our new members and encourage them to share their own opinions and suggestions.

We have a library of around 200 books that is available for use by our members. A full list of our books can be found on Goodreads.
Make sure to join us on the Student Union page as well so we can put on larger and more exciting events for you all!

We hope to see you soon :)