Coming up this year

06/10/14 - Curry Night
"Of course, Lager! the only thing that can kill a Vindaloo!"
Given we're in Manchester, we have the famous Curry Mile. That gives us an excuse to go for a curry for this week's meet up.
The curry is good and the bar is cheap so this should be fun.
We're aiming to get the Spicy Hut at around 7pm, then once the meal is over go onto one pub or another (we'll update where we go on the Facebook and the Twitter) for our usual blend of imbibement and interesting conversation.
You can join us for the curry, or just for the booze!
If you don't know how to get to spicy hut I'll be in Ford Maddox Brown, the Wetherspoons at the top of the curry mile, from around 6:45 to guide people there.

14/10/14 - B Movie Extravaganza
In association with Fab Cafe Manchester
8 til closing @ FAB Cafe
Drinks discounts! Free Popcorn!
We love B-movies, you love B-movies. Let's watch some B-movies!
So this first one isn't gonna have a particular theme, and there's a number of b-movies we have to choose from, we're putting a vote up on the Facebook group page.
Come get drunk and laugh at some schlocky 80s badness with us!

TBA - Halloween Pub Crawl
A tour of Manchester's drinking establishments.
Fancy Dress mandatory, turning up even more so, unless you have a valid excuse like laziness.

TBA - December Cinema Trip - The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies
Cinema trips take place in addition to regular meets, usually on a Wednesday (Orange is still a thing apparently).

TBA - Quiz Night
Do you know your Tribble from your Tauntaun? Your Sting from your Ice?
Probably the most "damnitIknowthatone" quiz in Manchester.

TBA - Gaming Night
Board and Card games. More fun than it sounds.